Creative Promotions Demand a Creative Partner

We Partner With You to See the Job Done Right

Yes, we all have that coffee mug, water bottle, ink pen or mouse pad with someone’s logo printed on it. They may seem campy, but the truth is that nothing leaves a better impression than advertising on an item which is useful on a regular basis. And yes, you can buy them almost anywhere. But when you want the job done right, with less stress, less time investment, and more importantly, the most professional bang for your buck, it’s time to call the Envision Group.

We don’t just know where to get the coolest items for good prices, we offer invaluable insight and ideas for which items may bring more customers and/or donors to you.


5 Things to Consider When Ordering: 

  1. Consider your brand… Does the product represent you well enough?
  2. Consider the target recipient… Gender, age, message, usefulness.
  3. Plan… Some items take longer to complete.
  4. Quantity… Be sure to order enough for everyone.
  5. Call to Action… Should it contain your web address, your phone number?